I am somebody even if I don't succeed in furthering my education.

Top 5 Study Hints - #5 Be kind to yourself


Often mature age and first in family learners feel the impact on their family and social life, especially in the sense of ‘missing out’. Being ‘kind to yourself’ may mean being creative and looking for alternatives which will make things less stressful and provide a balance for those things which are also important in life

  • Look for alternatives

    What students said:

      Last year it was difficult … but this year I made the switch to online study. This allowed me to be close to home and more flexible so the other two kids had support for schooling and so on. This has reduced the strain on the family and it allows my wife to the opportunity to accept part time work, which benefits her stream of study. It also benefits me as I can also take on part time work from home and still be close by for the other kids

      I used to go to the gym almost every day after work, now I am walking during my lunch break or going to express classes at the gym near my work.

      I study while my older two are at school and while my youngest has her day sleeps.

      I study when my son is at kindy or in bed

      if I can't make a family event than it's no huge issue, we schedule events or family gatherings around my assignment/essay deadlines

      Both my children are in school which has opened up my week. I usually head straight to the library and study until it is time to pick them up

      I've also had learn to wake earlier and sleep later to fit more study time in. I also work around the schedules of others in the house, often resulting in studying 'on-the-go'. Others are also working around my schedule, there has for the most part been a great deal of cooperation

  • Factor in quality time

    What students said:

      My son and I still enjoy our weekly mum and son night together

      Working full time and studying part time is hard really hard but my husband has just started working away on an 8 and 6 roster so I am trying something new of studying like mad when he is away and having down time when he is home, it works great!! So much easier than trying to study a little bit everyday

      I work in the evening, so I generally study during the day while the children are at school. I spend some hours on the weekend studying. However, I still spend a good deal of time with my family

      My youngest daughter is 12, and at this age, she is quite happy for me to study, or read a textbook along side her on the lounge

      Making sure I have time for my husband and for our children is very important. Quality Family time together helps. Sitting together for meals and praying together

      I have to remember to take time out every now and again

  • Know your limits

    What students said:

      I also run a business and a household but everything works. I only do one subject a semester so I am not overloaded

      I work long days, spend several hours commuting also, and the last thing I feel like doing in the end is studying, but am learning to find the balance between work, study and me/life time. Ideally I would like to do more than one subject a semester but still adjusting to the time/schedule in this first year