My family want to know why? So I say why not!
Family Quiz!
At the beginning of university is it better for family members to:

Ask questions about how their studies are going

Leave them to it and assume everything is okay

Ring the university and ask to speak to the 'Head Teacher' (often referred to as the course/program or unit coordinator) about their progress

Offer to assist with the purchase of books, computers and resources in preparation for the start of semester

If the student in your family is concerned about university fees, would you:

Make an appointment with the bank to explore loan options

Explore whether the university offers any scholarships for fees

Suggest to the student in your family that they contact student support services to ask about any financial support available via the university or more broadly.

Encourage the student to visit Centrelink and inquire about financial support packages available to students

How can you help your student around assignment time?

Remind them about the cost of university and how they should try very hard not to fail a subject

Worry about the implications of failing both for the family and the student

Provide support in simple ways providing meals, relief from household chores, sending a text or making a phone call to provide advice or just a sympathetic ear

Encourage others in the household to be quiet and give the student space to revise their subjects

You notice the student in your family spends a lot of time off-campus, should you:

Ring the university to check their attendance at lectures

Ask them to do additional household chores to fill up their time – I mean they are at home a lot!

Consider that for every hour in a face to face setting (on-campus or on-line) students are expected to do an additional 2-3 hours in self directed or independent study

Rethink the concept of work to include what might appear as sitting or day dreaming (we'd like to assume they are thinking!)

Your new university student seems to have isolated themselves from the family and is spending a lot of time in their room, should you:

Knock (or text) every half hour to check they are okay?

Take them a cup of coffee and ask if they would like a shoulder massage!

Check in every now and then and provide opportunities (or encouragement) for regular breaks

Let them know you are available (particularly around assignment time) if they need any help or even a 'sounding board' for ideas

What do you feel would be the most stressful times in the semester:

At the beginning in the initial weeks

In the middle when some of the assignments are due

At the end when students may be sitting exams or submitting final assignments

Waiting for assignment results

All of the above

The student in your family is struggling with the workload, would you:

Suggest dropping a subject and focussing on getting good results in the remaining subjects

Suggest giving up

Ask them to go and speak to the course coordinator for the subject and discuss the issues they are having

Encourage them to contact the support service that offers study skills assistance – often these are called the Learning Development Service or Study Skills Centre (different universities can give them different names!). Here they can seek assistance in planning time, essay writing and other essential study skills.